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Expand exponentially and let food delivery apps be a key revenue source for your growth and success. Trust your technology partner Lokaly and open unprecedented opportunities for your restaurants, small food chains, cloud kitchens, and more.

  • Latest Technology Stack
  • Complete White label and Configurable Solution
  • Modular Functionality
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Solution delivered in 3 - 4 weeks
  • 100% Customizable Solution
Food Delivery App

Infuse Flavors into Your Gastronomy Business with Food Delivery App Development Company.

Enter the multi-billion dollar industry, which is expected to grow by $165 billion by 2029, with tech-savvy unified solutions and increase your sales. Lokaly helps you brew success with top-tier features and functionalities and fully customized food delivery app development services that help you outshine. We have helped startups, restaurants, cloud kitchens and renowned brands in bringing their savory vision to mission. We are committed to excellence in every line of code and detail. Collaborate with our geeks and elevate your business with top-notch world-class development services. From ideation to promotion, leverage advanced food delivery app development services that are backed by top-industry experts.

Increase Turnover and embrace Advanced Features and Functionalities of Food Delivery App Development

From a digital menu to secure online payments, integrate top-notch advanced features and let your app be future-ready. Whether you are a small business or multi culinary cuisine restaurant, our core trait is to provide you with the right features and functionalities with responsive mobility solutions at affordable pricing.

Custom Food Delivery App Development For Business-Specific Needs

Custom Food Delivery App
Custom Food Delivery App

Power up your savory game with tailor-made authentic features, seamlessly designed to align your business requirements

Food Delivery Aggregators
Food Delivery Aggregators

Streamline, optimize and boost your food delivery services with advanced technology ensuring efficient operations and user satisfaction.

Restaurant Chains
Restaurant Chains

Increase restaurant chain exposure and connect with diverse menu offerings with dedicated food delivery app development services.

Food Delivery App Development Benefits


The app serves as a pathway to a seamless and smooth user experience. It ensures customer satisfaction and positions apps as go-to choices for culinary needs.

Promotional Strategy

Targeted specific audiences and personalized tactics help you make headway for better promotion and drive sales.

Customer Retention

By providing a tailored solution, impressive features, and a customer-centric approach, you would be able to retain potential customers.

Easy Menu Browsing

Easy menu browsing entices customers and drives engagement towards your app. Carefully balanced aesthetically and practicality would help them make better choices and hassle-free experiences.

Increased Sales

With personalized recommendations as per their history or offers in their vicinity, you can get better customer engagement and sales.

Customer Engagement

Improve your relationship with customers with loyalty programs, push notifications, incentives, discounts, and personalized touch points that elevate engagement and brand experience.

Marketing Opportunities

Enhancing the customer experience not only benefits existing customers but also has a ripple effect, leading to improved services and a value-driven approach that opens marketing opportunities

Brand Loyalty

The food Delivery App serves as a direct line to communicate with your customers with personalized offers and communications. It encourages repeat visits and turns occasional diners into loyal patrons.

Let’s Cook Recipe of Success With Technology and Advanced Food Delivery App Development

Secret Sauce of Lokaly for Food Delivery App Development
  • Creative Flair
  • Affordable development cost
  • Scalable team
  • Transparency in Communication and pricing
  • Dedicated Team
  • No contracts or lock-ins
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Easy to Install, Easy to Operate

Looking to build your own Food Delivery app?

Let us empower your food delivery business with innovative strategies, accelerating its growth and scalability at lightning speed!

Frequently Asked Questions

To build an interactive, responsive and top-notch food delivery application, you need to collaborate with experts of Lokaly. We help you integrate advanced features and functionalities that make your apps stand out.
The cost of a food delivery app depends on numerous factors. It includes app complexity, development time, features, platform, requirements, tech stack, resources and more. Our USP is upright on transparency and no hidden charges.
The time duration can vary as per complexity, features and requirements. However, with our dedicated team, we ensure faster turnaround time. The average timeline is 3 - 4 weeks for adopting the functionality as it is and doing the initial white label process for both the portal and mobile apps. However, this can extend based on the actual customizations required.
The food delivery app market is huge. Innovation and personalization are key to sustain in the industry. Artificial intelligence tools and technologies can offer better services and engagement to customers. Discuss your goals with us, and we help you with a checklist for your future-proof business app.
As per your requirements, we concisely and meticulously fabricate development. Whether it's uni-platform or cross-platform, we can help you with both.
Live Tracking is an add-on module which is available to display the real-time live location of the Rider to the customer for live tracking purposes.
The platform offers a variety of features such as menu management, order tracking, inventory management, and customer feedback. and integration with delivery services, loyalty program management, analytics/reporting, and options for accommodating dietary preferences.
The White-labelled Lokaly solution offers robust marketing capabilities through Campaigns. This feature enables you to design & send out custom Notification, SMS, and/ or Email to your customers. You can define your marketing content, offers, new food arrival etc and create custom contact list to effectively manage your marketing communication. The module allows you to schedule the campaign for future date with option to resent the campaign as per the desired frequency.
To start the project, we need the following details: Domain/ Sub-Domain, Payment Gateway Merchant Account, Logo & Brand Guidelines, Store & Item Details, Hosting Server, SMS Gateway API, SSL Certificate, Email Account, Google Map API, Play Store & App Store.
The platform offers a variety of features specifically for the Food App Delivery such as Menu Management, Combo creation, Add-on/ Choices on Item, Live Tracking of Riders, Offers of Order, Order review, Online Chat, Wallet, Dine-In App for Captain, POS Application, Kitchen Display System (KDS), Online Payment and Refunds etc. If required we also provide integration with third-party delivery services.

Elevate Your Online Presence: Expert Guidance

The restaurant industry has welcomed remarkable shifts in its ecosystem. It has shaped consumer preferences, technological advancements, trends, global events, and much more.

The worldwide gastronomic environment has experienced tremendous change, with a shift towards convenience playing a key role. The combination of appealing, user-friendly apps and technologically enabled delivery services has transformed customer expectations, making online meal ordering a popular option.

Local businesses are the ones that took the initial hit of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Restaurant businesses especially thrive on the number of customers that walk into the door.