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Available Solution


Aggregator Model

If you are targeting a large business in the market and wish to launch Lokaly for a geography or a specialized service market, this is the right model for you. Using this model, you can penetrate your market with a bang – as your own brand, your own marketing and the much-needed support from the Lokaly team at the back-end.


Single Brand Store

If your business has a great foot-print in the local market or a specific geography, this model of Lokaly allows you to use the brand and earn from the registrations by providing an earning medium, and to create your direct market. Businesses registering and Customers gaining from such a model will benefit.

Core Module


Digital Menu/ Catalogue

Create your own catalogue of products (SKU) for display, order and delivery with all the details to enhance the user's buying experience


Store Settings

Configure various settings like Business Hours to the way you wish to process your Orders to ensure smooth day-to-day operations of your Outlet


Notification Configurator

Operate notifications to your Customers on several actions such as “ready-for pick-up” and “due for payment”


Manage Customers

Complete oversight of your Customers & their Orders to help you organize your business as your grow and control parameters as desired


Manage Users

Grow your business and your people; as you grow, managing people using the reports and automation is the key to success and sustained growth.


Process Orders

Place Orders, Approve Orders, Pick-up Items, Package, Deliver and Get paid – the full circle solution for your business.


Online Payment/ Refunds

Get paid via Digital, is the key and it is one of the fastest growing thing to adopt, for any ecommerce business.


SMS Gateway

Notify your customers the OTP on registration, Send Order status in SMS, as the Order processing happens.


Reports/ Analytics

Know your business and drill-down as needed to get insights into the important aspects of the business.

Available Platforms

Store Management

  • apple-store
  • play-store
  • web-app


  • apple-store
  • play-store
  • web-app


  • apple-store
  • play-store

Add-On Modules


Eatery Module

Ability to have extra feature like Cuisine, Choices & Add-on creation in a Eatery module. The module is added by default in Aggregator model


Wholesale Module

Ability to create Outlets with Wholesale rates and only allow approved Customers to access & buy from those outlets


Driver Module

Ability to create Drivers who would have access on Mobile app to their respective Orders to be delivered, along with other details like uploading the Proof of Delivery



Ability to create offers, reward, loyalty & refund vouchers along with with their respective configuration & also communicate with your Customers



Ability for the Customer to create Wallet by adding money and using it to pay for their Orders, transfer money to other user. The wallet comes with various configuration option on how the customer can use it


Gift Voucher

Ability for the Customer to purchase Gift Voucher & gift them to their loved ones for purchase on your Outlet



Ability for the Customer to create Wishlist with reminders which they can add directly into cart as and when required


Review & Rating

Ability for Customers to provide rating and review for the Outlet, Items, Driver upon fulfillment of the order


Marketing Tool

Ability to create marketing campaigns which can be set to run instantly or scheduled later using Email, SMS and/or In-App Notification


Credit Account Payment

Ability to create Customer Credit Account with individual limit on Credit Amount & Credit Payment cycle


Online Payment

Ability to choose from the list of already integrated Payment Gateway solution for free or to add new Payment Gateway as per your choice.



Ability to configure your home page sequence, banner, styling parameters, and other key elements of your customer portal & app



Ability to allow Chat interaction between the Customer & Outlet for each order. Also, ability for the Customer to chat with the drivers


Live Tracking

Ability for the Customer to track & view the Driver’s live location on their app using the Map functionality



Ability to have a Progressive Web App to allow customers to download & install a web-based app that gets installed on your mobile without the need to have an app on Google & Apple Store



Ability to create partial or full refunds during/ after the order fulfillment. The module allows to create refunds with various methods like Wallet (if activated), Refund Voucher, Credit Account (if activated), Online mode etc


Point of Sale

Ability to establish points within the store that allow checking out of the items purchased by a Customer. This feature takes away the need to buying a separate POS device


Inventory System

Ability to maintain and manage your Items. Items (SKU) are the life-line of your business and their stock has to be maintained well. The ability to manage items, their quantity, minimum order, expiry etc.


Dine-in Orders

Ability for the Eatery Outlets to create a seamless integrated Order processing directly from the Table to Kitchen (KOT) to Cashier


Contactless QR Ordering

Ability for the Eatery Outlets to create a Contactless Order workflow for Customers directly from table to enhance their Dine-in experience


Annual Upgrades

Get regular updates on your solution with new features, enhancements, upgrades & bug support as part of the package, for one year from Go-live