Getting Your Business Online

The local departmental store is the most accessible yet highly contact-based market. These local stores form a high percentage of local business, anywhere in the world. The major reason for this is the simple approach, friendly behavior, credit payments, hassle free buying, door-step delivery and emotional attachment of the Customers towards these stores.

The current times demand that your customer must have an easier access to their needs. This is possible only by easier ordering, safe distancing, online payments thus saving of time. The best way to overcome this challenge today is to go online and make your customer safe!

The mantra to safety is LOKALY - Getting Your Local Business Online!

Our Team

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    Chirendu Gupta
    Product Owner
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    Vikas Jain
    Scrum Master
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    Nitin Bawsay
    Product Sales Head (New Market)
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    Suryakant Maurya
    Product Manager
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    Shreyansh Pancholi
    Sales Head (NA)
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    Aatish Motipara
    Sales Head (MEA)
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    Samir Patel
    Product Consultant (Restaurant)